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Basic Licence

Brief Managers: One only
Storage: Up to 5GB
Cost: $960 per year (plus GST)

A Basic Licence is an introductory and very cost effective option that is offered only to a barrister or sole practice lawyer. Subject to the data storage limit it permits the sole practitioner to provide unlimited access to other users, whether other lawyers or clients.

The Basic Licence contract is for a minimum of 12 months.  Basic licence lower level user rights are not transferable between different Users.

Total cost for other licenses will vary based on number and levels of users required, specific web address, your own firm or company’s branding, and storage space required.

Other Licence Types

Pricing for companies, firms or organisations of lawyers will be customised to meet the needs of the entity in terms of number of users, user types, case specific requirements, and storage space required. Pricing can be provided for individual cases and data storage exceeding 500GB. Indicative pricing — starting from $1,950 (plus GST) annual licence fee for a virtual private space with 4GB RAM, 50GB storage, 4TB monthly traffic.

About User Types

Brief Manager

A Brief Manager can create and access online briefs (or matter files, for commercial matters), as well as add users who can access and work on the brief. The Brief Manager is responsible for managing the structure of the brief.  All Cloudbrief accounts have at least one Brief Manager.


Lower level users can access and work on briefs as determined by the Brief Manager.  They cannot create briefs or alter their structure.

Administrators (not applicable to Basic Licence)

Administrators manage all aspects of users and user rights and product branding.  They can manage multiple Brief Managers.  Only applicable to firm, company or organisation scale licences.